Celtic Wicca

“The first time I called myself a ‘Witch’ was the most magical moment of my life.” ― Margot Adler There is something about Celtic

Eclectic Wicca

“We all have magic inside of us.” – J.K. Rowling Those who walk the Eclectic Wiccan path find it very liberating. There is truly

Gardnerian Wicca (Gardnarian)

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“Witchcraft is, and was, not… for everyone. Unless you have an attraction to the occult, a sense of wonder, a feeling that you can slip

Seax Wicca (Saxon Wicca)

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On visualization magick, “Don’t see a thing working-see it finished!” – Raymond Buckland In 1974, Raymond Buckland wrote a book entitled, The Tree: The

Pictish Wicca

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“Wicca’s temples are flowered-splashed meadows, forest, beaches, and deserts.” – Scott Cunningham In Scotland’s early days there was a group of people called the Picts.

Alexandrian Wicca

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“Contrary to popular belief, the name Alexandrian refers not to Alex Sanders, but to Ancient Alexandria.” – Unknown Alex and Maxine Sanders were the founders

Georgian Wicca

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“I put a capital ‘N’ on nature and call it my church.” – Frank Lloyd Wright Founded in 1970 by three key members – George

Blue Star Wicca

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“It is the stars. The stars above us, govern our conditions.” -William Shakespeare Like a variety of magical paths, Blue Star Wicca has an

Dianic Wicca

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“Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender.” -Alice Walker Zsuzsanna (Z) Budapest founded the Dianic Wiccan tradition in 1971. It was Winter