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Welcome and merry meet, Lady Valkyrie. How very wonderful you've been over to see our new profile page. ☽O☾
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one of my FB questions was deleted, would anyone here care to respond to this? I asked if anyone collected scabs, human scabs for light and dark work if so where did they find a renewing supply?
Never did scabs, is that not like doing blood magic? Just asking as I have no idea how you would get hold of more.
bodily pieces, liquids and other bits have staunch regulations for good reason. I personally do not believe it is wise to "collect" them not just because of health concerns, but to me it just doesn't feel right.
iokayis it just me ? I keep seeing big yellow squares on my page on each page i choose ,doesnt matter . is there something wrong ?
Making a calendar to remind what to do when to celebrate the next Sabbat. What are your plans?

And the wheel turns a bit more! ༺☽::Blessed Be::☾༻

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I wish I could tell you what’s going on in my life but I am a mess I don’t know what to do
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exhausted emotionally ,physically
My name is James Crichton, I'm new to this forum but I've always been spiritual. I've attended spiritualist churches and sat in meditation circles with mediums. I compose music, this is a gift given, I believe, by spirit. I'm on a path of learning and I know I will learn more from the brothers and sisters on this forum. My music Facebook page, Rock JLC.
A solitary witch living in the country, a night owl, love my witching hrs, bare foot outside under the moon & stars meditating. I channel my ancestors & honor them, for without there love, there would be no me. My Grandmother was a big influence in my life, learning from her, without words, I didn't realize as a child why, some 10 yrs after she passed, my feet where on the path to knowing why.
)0( blessed be