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Where are our Cauldronites at?


New member
Jul 6, 2021
A basic question really.. to get the flavour of our community.
Personally I'm in Stoke-on-Trent, England aka The Potteries, home (or former) of Wedgwood, Royal Doulton and Portmerion and the like and birthplace of RJ Mitchell, designer of the Spitfire.
Not a great deal around here regarding stone circles and the like, I have to cross into Derbyshire for those.
Where are you and what delights does your home town/city/village offer?
Las Vegas/Sin City, USA here. We cater to any and all debauchery. 😆


New member
Jul 17, 2021
I am in Aurora, CO, which is right next to Denver. Not much as far as witchy or spiritual attractions to talk about in the suburbs and city, except there are a growing number of Pagan and metaphysical shops it seems, which is great. There is nature all around us in the mountains and foothills as well as some great parks around town.


Jul 17, 2021
I'm in Southern Michigan right above the Ohio border. Lots of stuff around me, I'm right in the middle of Toledo, Ann Arbor, Jackson and Detroit. Heck. Lansing is only about 2 hrs away. :)


New member
Jul 5, 2021
I'm from Stoke -on-Trent originally, I moved to Dumfries & Galloway ( southwest Scotland) 18 years ago. I'm lucky to be in an area that has alot of standing stones. the nearest ones are ( Tourhouse stone circle ) just 10mins drive from where I live. I love hearing from such a diverse mixture of people from all over the world. Love you all. xxx
Many stones n circles Aberdeenshire too.