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What age did you come to the craft?


New member
Jul 5, 2021
I was very young. I learnt a lot about nature and species from as far back as I can remember. But I always say I start my journey aged 13/15 when I started to study . I’m still learning today aged 46 and I believe we never actually stop. So I could honestly say I’ve been on my magical path my whole life. Past life memories show me I was before as well so you could say I have a old witch soul.
That sounds a lot like me. I was 13 when I knew my beliefs differed from others. It wasn't until about 22 when I started to learn more and discover. I am still learning at 45. I believe we always a will be.


New member
Jul 8, 2021
Yes maybe a spirit guide or maybe just a protective spirit. The week after the op i had terrible insomnia (a side effect of the pain SUPPOSEDLY killers ) but during the long nights and days that i was in bed flat on my back, i had the sensation of someone over my left shoulder , i still do some 12 months later ,if i stir through the night i feel them there . I also must say that i went to hospital during the covid lockdown so was totally alone , no visitors, and i felt very vunerable.
Definitely a spirit who loves you dearly, how very special Yvonne!