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Sunday Rambles.


Spell for That & The Cauldron Moderator
May 23, 2021
Being raised in the south, and as a good little Christian girl, every single Sunday morning was more of a production than a typical school morning. Everyone rushing around,making sure their hair, face and clothes were just so perfect, suits and ties, perfect dresses and shoes, never made much sense to me, why on earth would “God” care what we looked like. Oh, then there was Sunday school, where we learned all of these fanciful tales, of angels, and damnation, oh and the belly of a whale. But, if you asked questions wanting to more deeply understand, most time as children we were told that “God” was not to be questioned by man…………
That’s when I started to become very confused, here is this all loving, all knowing “father” who has supposedly created this most magical world for us, but, we weren’t supposed to ask questions? What kinda parent is that? That’s what pushed me onto the path of questioning everything, wanting to understand, everything. That I firmly believe is the main reason I am the way I am today, I question everything, I want to learn as much as I can about ass many other paths that I can. Not to “steal” or claim it as mine, but, because I wholeheartedly want to just know.
There are libraries full of knowledge, that die, every day when an elder finally fades away, and with them goes all of that beautiful wisdom, all because someone was afraid to ask questions, to listen to legends in fear of being told that they’re trying to steal someone else’s culture, when in truth, it’s helping to keep it alive. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some that see it as a way to make a quick buck, and about the lessons they don’t give a f**k. But, here’s the kicker I’ve noticed about all these social justice warriors of late, they’re truly no different than the Sunday school teachers if you think about it……. Oh, there’s this entire path of beautiful wisdom, but, you can’t ask about it, learn about it, because you’re the wrong kind of man…………
Remember the story of the Tower of Babel? How, everyone worked together to build a tower to the gods, and basically got in trouble for wanting to see “Dad” and, we were all struck down, suddenly speaking different languages, believing in different things, making it impossible for us to ever work that well together again. But, I ask you, what if that was the test, what if that was the hint of how together we can again reach planes of existence never seen before. That we have to stop, and open our minds to see how deeply all of these paths are intertwined? And, slamming doors in the faces of those that want to learn more about your path, or mine, isn’t helping us reach that level of acceptance, it’s simply creating more divisions. Many thanks if you’ve read this far, and many apologies for my ramblings. Xo
Jul 5, 2021
Greater New York Metropolitan Area
My father was a transcendentalist (like Emerson and Thoreau, who were Universalists) and the rest of the family were Unitarians. We were planted in the US between 3 and 5 generations ago. Farming was everything. It was an upbringing for me by them of the seasons -- the solstices and equinoxes already. My father didn't believe in going to church and when we went on long walks up hills and down valleys he would point out that everything here on earth is heaven and there's no need for brick and mortar buildings.

The two groups combined in 1961, so my upbringing was among those who believed as Unitarians, that there is no Trinity, and that therefore Jesus was not God; and among Universalists, which is the belief that all human beings are saved, and there is no eternal punishment. Today there is even CUUPS for pagans of all sorts.

It was an excellent way to view the world and it just expanded for me in the 70s, as a teenager, to reading everything possible at the beginning of Wicca by the Farrars and what Gardner published on witchcraft before that and oh so much more. It was truly magical.


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