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Spell for That & The Cauldron Moderator
May 23, 2021
We all have that one season, that one type of weather that just seems to wake up all of our senses and makes our magic feel alive, if you will. For myself it’s those grey damp days not too long after the colors have started to change for the fall, something about that weather makes me feel the “most witchy”. What is your season? Xo


New member
Jul 5, 2021
I've always preferred Fall most...Escaping into the colors, the mystery and being able to just literally blend into the season. The season, to me, has always been a perfect season for alluring, haunting, adventure, mystery and magick. There's so much around every falling leaf, every cracking twig and every howling wind. Of course, then you add the witchy season and it's got my birthday month (which some say is the main reason, but that's not so...I am just drawn to Fall most...Other seasons are great for other reasons, but Fall is, well...magickal. )