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Question on a spell jar I will b working on


New member
Nov 4, 2021
Sacramento , CA
I recently made a spell jar for my pup that has back issues, so I wanted to make a jar that I could keep somewhere safe and help him on his healthy journey. I got the recipie on a trusted website, but also made some changes by adding some herbs that weren’t originally on the list. Just like shredded palo santo and rosemary. Nothing big and excessive to change. But I want to create another jar tomorrow because tomorrow is Friday and Friday is ruled by Venus. So the jar is going to be revolving around loving myself and finding love. I was wondering if I can just get my own list of herbs that I know the benefits/uses of and basically make my own jar instead of ones that are online and people give the recipes to, I love getting ideas for spell jars online and just tweaking them to my liking, just wondering if that’s all good to do tbh. Thank u=)


New member
Nov 23, 2021
Ashwagandha and rose hips are my go to for self love🥰I work a lot off of intuition💓rose quartz is excellent too if you are seeking to put crystals into the spell jar.