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Making the Mundane Magical

Trish Telesco

Jul 23, 2021
When people think of "kitchen witchery" they associate it with "low magic" (I term I detest btw). Magic is magic. Just because we use simple tools doesn't make the effort any less special or effective. If anything, I think simplicity, and using items from our sacred space of home, improves results because of that emotional and psychological connections.

Thoughts? Insights?


Active member
Jul 6, 2021
Tuscany, Italy
Agreed...I loathe the low/high distinction, I understand it arrived from High ceremony, vs Low on ceremony.. but its still snobby sounding. I try to remember that our ancestors didnt divide their lives into boxes, "this tool is only used for one thing" but in fact were pretty practical about using and reusing and repurposing things, because you worked with what you had on hand. I am working on getting rid of all my "boxes" that separate my spiritual life from my physical one. I put a blessing on the bottom of the spinning container where I keep all my wooden spoons and other kitchen implements to add that energy to everything I cook. I even have "blessed shears" to trim herbs from my garden to use in the kitchen or in magic. They are ONLY used on my plants and kept on my altar to Ceres/Demeter, but they do all the pruning and trimming both mundane and magical.

I do have SOME things i do that are more complicated ceremonially, but usually it is the more spiritual than magical things I am doing, because it helps me to transition my brain into higher realms by going through the physical actions of the complex ceremony steps. But... I am usually speaking to my patrons, connecting to my higher self for guidance, not "cookin up magic" as my husband says. ;)


New member
Oct 7, 2021
Cleveland Heights Ohio
I am Eclectic but Kitchen is very much one of my stronger elements in my craft.

To me - Food is so magical. It feeds the body, and I infuse a bit of woo to feed the soul.

I wasn't always this deep with my kitchen woo.

It all started when we moved here in 2019 - having to sell our home of 25+ years and move across country.

We were blessed. My husband's folks are amazing. I do not know what we would have done without them. But we have a lovely 1920s American Foursquare multi-story home. Most of it is still in the old design, except for the kitchen/breakfast area. I did a blessing when we moved in, have a kitchen witch hanging up.

I saying a blessing when I start to cook, and a blessing when I wash the dishes (by hand now).
Sometimes I will light a candle, especially when I am doing deep cleaning or cupboard purging.