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Magical Liquors


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Jul 6, 2021
Tuscany, Italy
One of the things I make throughout the year are magical liquors, which is sort of amusing, given that I really dont drink much. Last year I made pomegranite liquor at Samhain, and this year I made limoncello and arancello at Yule, because that is when the lemons and oranges are actually in season. I grew them on my little balcony, and then used a recipe from a friend in Sicily to make them. My recipe takes about 6 months to settle, so it is usually ready for Midsummer's eve. Originally created by the Italians as a way to waste nothing from their harvests, it has become famous as THE drink of Italy known around the world. For me, it is a way to stay linked to the solar cycle of the sun god... harvested in the dark of the year, a promise of brighter days to come, and then celebrated at his strongest point. I love that this recipe takes a VERY long time to be ready (nearly 6 months) as it reminds me that the wheel turns, all things have their time.

My recipe: Phase 1
2 kg of lemons (or oranges)
3 liters of high proof alcohol

Using a micrograter (or a peeler if you dont have a micrograter) peel ONLY the yellow part of the lemon skin, the zest, as the white is what makes it bitter, so try to get as little of that as possible. Put all the zest into a large jar that can hold the 3 liters of alcohol with room to spare. Add the alcohol and close the container. Place it in a dark cool place, but shake it once a day for about 45 days. As I do this, I enchant it, with a solar power chant "Bright and dark, bright and dark, the sun spins across the sky's arc." After 65 days.. phase 2.

I make a simple syrup with sugar and water (any recipe will do, but mine is about 50/50) and let it cool. As it cools, I strain the alcohol to get out all the bits of zest using cheesecloth if I have it, or a fine mesh strainer. Depending on how fine my strainer is, sometimes I have to do it twice. Once my simple syrup is cooled, i add it to the lemon alcohol, stirring slowly, enchanting as I go, infusing it with the power of the sun lord. Sometimes I use the same chant as before, sometimes I get creative and make up something on my own. Once stirred evenly together I bottle them in clean glass bottles with stoppers (usually large ones for this phase) where they will stay until just before midsummer. This allows them to blend together and really bind the sugar to the sour in a lovely way.

Just before midsummer, I re-bottle in smaller bottles to give as gifts to my loved ones, labeling them with the year and a little bit of my own magic to bless those who drink this magic potion.



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Jun 28, 2022
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Feb 20, 2022
Brooklyn, New York
Ciao, bella Strega. I bet it taste delicious, especially chilled for a afterdinner drink