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How old are you ? How long have you been practicing the craft?


New member
Jul 8, 2021
I was wondering what the age range was on here is. I am 46 and seen as a elder Years and years of study have got me to this level. I’ve basically been a witch View attachment 363 all my life but started studying between the ages of 13 and 15 which takes me to roughly 33 years.
I'm 69 started my path at the age of 18. Started as a kitchen witch and went from there.To many years to count.


New member
Jul 14, 2021
Hi I'm Starrfyre. I'm a baby witch. Most definitely green,.some kitchen. I'm still trying to figure it all out. I'm soon to.be.48 next month. Mom taught me gardening, cooking,. cleaning all at young age. She never practiced though just taught me living.😁. Always have had intuition (too bad I didn't always listen to it). Never really fit in. Now.i.feel alive, blessed and at peace🧹🌷🌻🍅🌞🌖✳️

Black Feather

New member
Sep 4, 2021
I was born witch, I understood my 1st power at the age of 5yrs. I am 64yrs, Reiki Master at 39 yrs. I have a daughter, son, three grandchildren.


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Oct 7, 2021
Cleveland Heights Ohio
I am 61 going to 62 on the 23rd of this Month. I've been involved in some shape since I was 8 years old. I didn't know some of the terms, or concepts because my Grandmother never officially stated she was a witch. I figured it out in my 20s, but never really said anything to anyone other than my Grandma.

Over the years I have been doing pretty much my own thing, a combo of Eclectic/Solitary with Kitchen, Green, Hedge and Craft strong influences/focus.
I'm an imagery reader (Tarot, Oracle, Runes). I do pendulum, crystal, candle, scrying - though not as good as I used to be.

I have been blessed with a new familiar furbaby named Loki after my Mordi passed at the end of 2019.
We rescued Loki from a family that the little 2 1/2 year baby was being very hard on him (The family thought they could raise a kitten). So when we brought him home he was very anxious and slightly aggressive to very aggressive.

Loki didn't start out very attuned. I wasn't expecting him to take to my mystical space, but slowly over the last year he has taken a liking to sitting with me during meditation, comes and hangs with me during my moon rituals, loves to help with my tarot readings. He's now gotten into to letting me know when something/someone is present before I notice.


I believe that my creative crafting is very much magickal - especially my beaded craft. I do moon blessings with each piece before it goes to the person.

Here is one of my custom pendulums I have made for a client


Here is a custom witches bracelet I made for my bestie


And here is a Fairy card I just made for someone's 40th birthday


I just started teaching myself how to make mini besoms (witches brooms) and have my first bundle of broomcorn to work with.


New member
Jul 6, 2021
I am a 60 year old crone been practising since 13 and too old to make calculations at the moment 😂 I have also done spiritual mediumship to a trance level, but that is not my path but a path of it I consider myself eclectic and at the moment am studying Druidry