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Hey yall! New here! Excited to explore!


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Jun 7, 2022
Hey there! My name is Marla, I have been looking for fun people to vibe with and connect with either here, fb, insta, snapchat, etc! It is so hard to find like minded people!

a little about me:
I study astrology, and energy because it is my full time job. I have been fortunate enough to carve out some time and space for myself to be able to grow as a person and evolve my gifts so much so that I have been putting in the work for 4 years professionally, as I have been learning. I am at the top of my class if i do say so myself so it is hard for me to find people that know a lot but can put their egos aside and not try to teach or lecture me... because I promise I was born knowing it all, its just a matter of remembering. Life path 33. I am a leo, but that is my south node so I think people assume I am just arrogant and oftentimes I will be if they want to assume I am. But, I want people to vibe with me. not vibe against me. I work for an online psychic server as well as do my freelance work on the side. I am trying to get into streaming but I find it very exhausting.

I can be found on various social media platforms. Here is my group link (might be easier to find me that way than searching my name) www.facebook.com/groups/thelovehealertarot as well as @thelovehealertarot on insta. Snapchat is for if we actually connect and make friends so dont be afraid to reach out! Never know where a new connection could take us!


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