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Hedge Witch Poem

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The Celtic Witch Moderator
Jul 5, 2021
staffordshire moorlands UK
She walks the Forrest with her animal kin,
Taking in nature taking energy in,
Walking through all the beautiful trees,
Watching the wind rustling leaves,
Always aware of things hidden from view,
Spirits that whisper messages from you,
Gathering herbs to mix into her brew,
With potions which help from love or the flu,
She walks back to her cottage with energy she felt,
Hangs her keys on her thin string belt,
She walks through the door into her home,
Feeling energised from her long witchy roam,
She lights up her candles sets up on her space,
Looks into the mirror and sees a wise old face,
She’s smiles and knows with all her heart,
That she’s filled with magic and has been from the start. A2C62150-3D8B-4D75-AAFD-023303F66DF7.jpeg
Not open for further replies.