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The Celtic Witch Moderator
Jul 5, 2021
staffordshire moorlands UK
When you struggle,
When you see no light ,
You need to listen ,
Ask The Morrigan to fight .
Cry your tears,
Scream and yell ,
Put it all in the earth ,
Please do not sit and dwell .
Brush off the ashes,
Fly out of the fire,
Rise above the hurt ,
Make sure you rise higher .
The goddess will not leave you,
She will always be your center core ,
She is your mother ,
She is your law .
Stand strong my witches ,
Stand strong in your truth,
Walk away from drama,
Cut off that noose.
Do not dwell in the evil ,
Always stand in love ,
And always know for certain ,
You are being guided from above.
So it is written ,
So shall it be ,
Blessings from The Goddess ,
So mote it be .
Moonstone 💫💫💫💫💫


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