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Defence magic


The Celtic Witch Moderator
Jul 5, 2021
staffordshire moorlands UK
We all have an instinct for survival, but we are taught as children to stay out of harms way.

Now as Witches, we know we are responsible for our safety from negative thought forms or psychic attacks. We also know how to defend ourselves without causing harm to others. Witches do not turn the other cheek however, we also don't go about casting harmful magic at a whim.

You can neutralize an attack remotely (where through your third eye, you see the attacker) then you have a couple of options. See your attacker through your minds eye and place a wall of fire between you and them, this stops any more attacks reaching you.

Secondly using the same technique see your attacker with a big X symbol in front, behind and at their sides. keep repeating till you don't see your attacker any more. The X can be any colour that you correspond with protection.

Use an Amulet and/or talisman. These have been used since the earliest of times to protect humans from harm. Now, depending on your path, you would use a symbol which represents your path. For example The pentagram for the pagan witch, cross for Christian, you get the picture... or you could use a more traditional symbol like the seal of Solomon, which is two superimposed triangles, one pointing upwards the other down inside a circle. You can use these symbols worn or symbols placed around your home.

Iron nails also diffuse harm. You could carry one on your person or nail or bury into your property. Use in the four corners of your property so you are “nailed” tight for protection.

You could also make a witches bottle. What is a witches bottle? I hear you ask... A witches bottle is a jar or bottle made with the purpose of protecting the witch. You make the bottle and bury it into the foundation or garden of your property. Here is a idea of what goes into a witches bottle You need a clean jar or bottle with a lid

  • Sharp, rusty items like nails, razor blades, bent pins
  • Sea salt
  • Red string or ribbon
  • Vinegar
  • or Urine (yes you read correctly a lot of traditional witches would use it)
  • hair and fur of everyone in the household
  • broken mirror shards
  • copper wire
  • Storm water (water collected in a storm)
  • black candle
  • protective crystals like Jet or Black tourmaline

Place all items in the bottle/jar on your altar and place a black candle on the top or in front of the bottle. You can then say

“I neutralize the power of (name of attacker) to do me any harm. I ask that this be correct and for the good of all.

So it is said so shall it be”

Bury it in or around your property, make sure it is within your boundary.

I hope these tips help you, it’s not fun being under psychic attack. Remember, most witches won't actually place hexes on people, it takes to much energy. However, a lot of witches will use them as a last resort to stop harm being inflicted to their life or the lives of their loved ones.


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