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New member
Jul 20, 2021
Hi everyone, I am new here. My name is Eva. I have been getting many signs from Artemis recently. The main one that pokes out is last week an injured deer sat in my front lawn for hours. That was kind of my wake up call to become more aware. Does anyone know some ways to work with Artemis?


Active member
Jul 6, 2021
Tuscany, Italy
Hi, welcome! I hope you are finding this place to be as welcoming as I have.

Artemis, called Dianna by the Romans, is the lady of the wild things, nature, and also of chastity and childbirth (love these contradictions). A call from her is often a call to work in some "women only" spaces for a while, to reconnect with nature and our independent selves. I dont know you personally, so I cannot say which factors influence your life, but I might start with dedicating a space to her in your home/room. Start with a picture that evokes the same feeling that she brings you. Add to the altar as things move you, take a little time each day to meditate on those images, objects, and what she represents. Then keep your eyes open in your daily life for ways to incorporate what she inspires in you to manifest. If you are literary, maybe write her a poem, or an invocation. Find music that inspires you... Lindsay Sterling has a great song, I believe.

Just start being open, listen to signs, and go where that leads you. Brightest blessings dear one!


New member
Jul 6, 2021
I pulled Artemis today in the Collette Barron Ried Goddess deck. She is focus.


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