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Any advice?


New member
Oct 2, 2021
I have been fascinated with magic and the occult as long as I can remember and think this might be the time for me to explore it more.
I just don't know where to start.
All suggestions are welcome!


Jul 5, 2021
What triggered your interest (if you know)?

First, it helps to consider your definition of magic (people don't always see it the same way).

Second, create an ethical framework for yourself. When WON'T you use magic (for example, I refuse to help people with love spells because they are on the border of manipulative if done a certain way).

Websites like this one (and it's family of sites https://www.buildingbeautifulsouls.com/, whatismyspiritanimal.com, and the various tabs here https://witchcraftandwitches.com/witch/archetype-of-the-wise-witch/

WARNING: there is a lot of dross on the internet as well as books. You may want to read these two threads:


You've just walked under a big umbrella, meaning there is a lot for you to think about in terms of direction. Do you have any specific interests? For example

- herbal arts
- brews & potions
- spellcraft
- ritual
- specific cultural focus