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  1. Moon Raven

    Where are our Cauldronites at?

    I'm from central NY in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains. I live in the boonies and have 44 acres of wilderness property I'm always exploring. I'm always finding bits of nature to take back home. I'm 15 minutes from Little Falls NY where "A Quiet Place" was filmed. It was amazing to see...
  2. Moon Raven

    Magic and Nature

    Wind! I'm an air sign and any type of breeze invigorates and energizes me. Also the smell of earth. When I call quarters, it's energy from the North I feel most strongly. When it hits me, it's very powerful. I'm knocked back a bit if not fully ready for it.
  3. Moon Raven

    Faith vs Indoctrination

    So easy to say, so hard to do. For years I dabbled in witchy things and attended psychic classes, etc, until I found out I'd go to hell for it, so I converted to Catholicism because it was the true Christian religion, only to recently leave it after 1.5 years. I've recently had some truths...