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  1. Practitioners o the Craft

    FREE YEAR-AND-A-DAY (01 August)

    On 01 August, YEAR-AND-A-DAY for all pagans (including witches, Wiccans, and others). Textbook, journal, and the supplies required in the book. A seller has put together a parcel (US only) for first 5 months. The deadline for the supplies is today, Monday. YAAD will be at FB...
  2. Practitioners o the Craft

    Ethics & Lessons On Life

    ". . . nothing blocks respect and communication, faster and more effectively, than delusions by one party about another." Chief Lyons, Onondaga Nation With gratitude to my brother, friend, teacher, guide, & neighbor Dr. Samuel Beale, Honorable Chief of Lenape
  3. Practitioners o the Craft


    The beautiful gaze of the full moon in official time tonight is 10:37 EDT (NYC). Time to release what is not serving you to your greatest ability. Soothe the body of pain in salted bathwater. Manifest the blessings in your life. Continue a path of living the most vibrant life you can lead. ༺☽...
  4. Practitioners o the Craft

    Thankful to meet so many interesting people and hope for a better world.

    Have a magical weekend and holiday for those fortunate enough to get a break for peace, love, and relaxation. ☽O☾༺☽:: Blessed Be Sisters and Brothers ::☾༻☽O☾
  5. Practitioners o the Craft

    Introductory Bio & Wanting to Learn About You! (I hope you laugh and smile.)

    I'm an ol' soul, a vintage crone of many decades (practicing nearly half a century), and still learning. At this time in my life, I'm giving back to those wanting to learn with me on the ever-turning Wheel of the Year and on Spiral Path. While I hate labels, here are dozens to keep you amused...