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  1. Black roses

    Lammas /August Eve ; ; ;

    is there anyone making plans for Lammas ? What does it entail ? Wanting to lean morn please
  2. Black roses

    Just in time

  3. Black roses

    C'mon everyone - whats your favorite tree & why ?

    my favorite tree is the Birch tree ! But i also adore japanese maple & weeping willows ! My reasons are mostly simple like the shade coverage and smell of them . and well how fascinate the grow . i have sacred pieces of birch in my home just to pray before . in one hand , i feel honoured to own...
  4. Black roses

    Insence sticks/or cones

    Whichever is your favorite , please explain which type is and why ? My favorite is the insence cones yet i still cannot find my favorite scent in that form . I just love "cinnamon" & "good earth" & "myrhh" . Whats yours ???
  5. Black roses

    Show me your familars / pets !

  6. Black roses

    Cut spearmint yesterday

    I cut my spearmint down yesterday , don't worry its still early in our season and will grow again ! But i had it growing in 3 places so i ended up with about 2 extra big handfuls and its about 12-14 inches tall . so it was definitely ready !⭐🏆 So then what i did was rinsed it in a cold water...