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  1. Moonstone

    Mabon 2021

    Mabon information 2021 Ideas and tips to pop in your bos
  2. Moonstone

    Which is your favourite celebration?

    Which is your favourite time of year? Mine is Samhain followed closely by Yule .This year I am planning a bigger ritual involving both my daughters.
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    When you struggle, When you see no light , You need to listen , Ask The Morrigan to fight . Cry your tears, Scream and yell , Put it all in the earth , Please do not sit and dwell . Brush off the ashes, Fly out of the fire, Rise above the hurt , Make sure you rise higher . The goddess...
  4. Moonstone

    Mabon Correspondence

    Mabon Correspondences Decorations: Acorns, Autumn Leaves, Apples, Corn, Autumn Flowers, Orange/Yellow/Red/Gold/Brown Incense: Cinnamon, Clove, Apple, Sage, Myrrh, Frankincense Foods: Bread/Grain, Apples, Squash, Grains, Pumpkin, Cider, Pomegranate, Root Veggies, Corn Spellwork: Home...
  5. Moonstone

    Mabon the pagan thanksgiving

    Activities for Mabon Make a gratitude list. This is the Pagan Thanksgiving. Take stock of all of the things in your life that you’re thankful for. Say “Thank You” to your loved ones and the Universe. Celebrate all of your blessings. Do a super deep clean on your home. Get rid of what you don’t...
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    A witch's power of changing and summoning can shake the balance of the world, it is dangerous that power.
  7. Moonstone

    Witch the powers of

    The powers of the Witch are blessed by Nature's own, Air, fire, water and Mother Earth... Always respect these gifts that are within us all, knowledge, protection, love and rebirth...
  8. Moonstone


    Hail Morrigan Oh ancient mother, With your sword of light, Help all who need protection On this September night, Oh ancient mother I ask that you give all souls there just deserves in there life , Whether the person gives love or the person causes strife, Help us to shift in form to keep us...
  9. Moonstone

    Which are your go to books

    Which are your favourite witchy books and why
  10. Moonstone

    Crystals for home protection

    Protection of home crystals
  11. Moonstone

    Songs of Odin / credit unknown

    Song for Odin Poem composition by Karl Donaldsson I sing of the wanderer tales The knight of Yggdrasil He threw his eye at Mimir's well Where deeply, he drank its contents For nine long nights, Old Hárr relied upon himself In search of the spoken spell The runes he found called man sounds And...
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    What is Witchcraft If you Google “what is witchcraft?” the first definition is... NOUN the practice of magic, especially black magic; the use of spells. "children and goods were believed to be vulnerable to the witchcraft of jealous neighbours" The second definition is more accurate (in a...
  13. Moonstone

    Defence magic

    We all have an instinct for survival, but we are taught as children to stay out of harms way. Now as Witches, we know we are responsible for our safety from negative thought forms or psychic attacks. We also know how to defend ourselves without causing harm to others. Witches do not turn the...
  14. Moonstone


    Good Sunday morning my lovelies! I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend. One of the most powerful things we can do is practice gratitude and that includes the little things each day. Let's all drop a comment below of what you are grateful for today. I will start. This morning I am...
  15. Moonstone

    Am I a Witch ?

    This subject is one of the most asked questions I get asked, how do I know I'm a witch? Are you a witch? Witchcraft is very real, so are witches. No, we don't have green skin, flying monkeys or sacrifice living creatures or humans. No, we don't believe in Satan or worship him (Satan is a...
  16. Moonstone

    Basil correspondence

    Basil Basil is a very strong smelling herb which belongs to the mint family. The word Basil comes from the Greek, meaning King. Basil was used in English folk magic to protect you from psychic attack and negative spells, with the added bonus that it kept away pests. It was believed that basil...
  17. Moonstone

    Abundance Spell

    Spell for Abundance Spell Name: A Wishing Spell for Financial Help Purpose: To Wish for something you want or need. Items Needed: Parchment Paper to write your wish on A Candle whatever colour your wish is for. For my wish the candle will be green Your Quill Pen, Mine will be green, you can...
  18. Moonstone


    Lughnasadh ~ Lugh Sunday, the 1st of August 2021 Moon: Waning Crescent Moon Phase: Fourth Quarter Moon Sign: Taurus Sun Enters Taurus ~ 3:36 p.m. (pst) Colour: Yellow Incense: Hyacinth Lughnasadh, pronounced “Loo-nu’suh” translates as “the games (or Assy.) otherwise known as Lugh...
  19. Moonstone

    Lammas 2021

  20. Moonstone


    witchery Lughnasadh Chants, songs and poems witchery 13 years ago Lammas Harvest (Lyrics by Arnon Clark / Music The Mingaulay Boat Song -trad.) (written at Kaleidoscope Fest, Lammas 98) Chorus – Now is Lammas, Summer Harvest Bind the sheaves tight and carry the grain home. Feed the children...