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    Negativity Remover. Xo

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    Diffuser Blends for Fall. Xo

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    What was the very first book you owned pertaining to your path?

    This was my very first one, it belonged to my birth mother and was handed down to me once I turned 16. Took me a bit to actually find my path, but this was the book that started it all for me. Xo
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    The Magical Practice Of Singing

    Love this article! https://www.patheos.com/blogs/thewitchesnextdoor/2019/08/magical-singing/
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    Unguentum Venenum: A Flying Ointment

    A very interesting article. Although I do not condone use of some of the herbs mentioned in the article, it is still valuable knowledge to know. Xo https://www.patheos.com/blogs/poisonersapothecary/2019/09/03/unguentum-venenum-a-flying-ointment/
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    Ashley’s Aura! Love these!

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    Herb information.

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    Crystals for……

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    Modern Witch’s Guide to Life.

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    Crystal Grids

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    The Paper Witch

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    We all have that one season, that one type of weather that just seems to wake up all of our senses and makes our magic feel alive, if you will. For myself it’s those grey damp days not too long after the colors have started to change for the fall, something about that weather makes me feel the...
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    So true. Xo