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  1. Tina

    How old are you ? How long have you been practicing the craft?

    I'm 42 yrs old and first learned about Witchcraft when I was a teen from my mom but I had better things to do, like be a wild child. Then at age 26 I went into rehab for meth addiction and they told me I needed a higher power. So I went back to my mom and asked her to teach me. She did, and I...
  2. Tina

    C'mon everyone - whats your favorite tree & why ?

    I grew up with a huge maple tree and everywhere I've moved had a maple other than the year I lived in Phoenix so I guess I feel connected to them.
  3. Tina

    Travel supplies

    Can you bring incense? I love incense because it raises the vibe of a place. Some hotels or vacation houses ban stuff like that so idk. Herbs maybe, but I'm terrible at remembering which ones correspond to what energy so you'd need to pick your own. One other thing I thought of is some salt in...
  4. Tina

    Repeating Number Patterns

    Hi. I've heard of "angel numbers" or "life path numbers" such as seeing 4:44pm or 444 on an address repeatedly. I dont deal with angels so that's out. But I frequently see 12:34. Either at night or mid day, it happens a lot. Does anyone have an idea of what that could mean? I have never put much...
  5. Tina

    Advice fir peaceful confrontation

    Note, I'm not asking for Psych advice. My psychiatrist recommended I go into IOP (Intensive OutPatient) due to my depression and dysphoric mania symptoms including anxiety/panic. Problem is, that is all morning from 8-12, 3 days per week for about 3 weeks. I work M-F 7:30-4:15. I work in a high...
  6. Tina

    How do you incorporate if you have mental illness in your path? What tools do you use to help you x

    I am bipolar. I take meds that keep me in check and prevent the wild swings in mood, though I'm sitting stable at kind if a chill, laid back mood most of the time. That's okay, but I don't experience feeling excitement and sheer joy like most people. I mean I'm happy about things and smile but...
  7. Tina

    Where in the world do you live?

    Aurora, CO USA near Denver for those that don't know.
  8. Tina

    Herbs, herbs, herbs!

    Although I've been on the witch's path for many years, I just cant seem to remember what the different herbs are for! You'd think by now I'd have it! I know my crystals and how to meditate but ask me what oregano is good for and I'll tell you "my spaghetti sauce". I do enchant herbs as I'm...
  9. Tina

    Introduce yourself! Xo

    I have been practicing witch for 15+ years and before that for 10 yrs off and on. I'm 42 and it's just my non-witch husband who is also very supportive and my mom, who introduced me to Witchcraft when I was about 13. Just the 3 of us as my 2 boys are men who moved out. I dont consider myself a...
  10. Tina

    What do you feel drew you to Paganism originally? How have your feelings re Paganism changed over the years?

    My cat went missing when I was like 13 or something, during winter, and came back 3 days later. My mom told me she had done some Magick to draw our cat back home. I let it sink in, as I was raised Lutheran from my dad's side and my mom's family is Catholic. Finally at age 16 I was with a...
  11. Tina

    Magic and Nature

    So I had my first experience with storm energy while doing Magick not too long ago. Been consistently practicing for 15 yrs but never felt this type of energy. It was a combination of the thunderstorm and a fire ritual on my patio. It was amazing. I was buzzing like crazy!
  12. Tina

    Where are our Cauldronites at?

    I am in Aurora, CO, which is right next to Denver. Not much as far as witchy or spiritual attractions to talk about in the suburbs and city, except there are a growing number of Pagan and metaphysical shops it seems, which is great. There is nature all around us in the mountains and foothills as...
  13. Tina

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi all. I joined from FB group. Practicing eclectic witch, solitary but taking classes online. Been following this witchy path for about 15 years solid, and 10 yrs on and off prior to that my husband is not sure what he believes, but is super supportive to my path and vacuuming up stray herbs...