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  1. Mikal

    one of my FB questions was deleted, would anyone here care to respond to this? I asked if...

    one of my FB questions was deleted, would anyone here care to respond to this? I asked if anyone collected scabs, human scabs for light and dark work if so where did they find a renewing supply? BB
  2. Mikal

    Information on The New To The Path

    there will be new seekers, there will be those who dip their toes in our waters, i am one for encouraging and nurturing new people on the path and valuing the elements of their journey which brings them on the path. hopefully they will pace themselves as there is much to learn and depths to...
  3. Mikal

    The Boring Bits. Xo

    the necessities of such a post actually offer confidence and protection so thank you
  4. Mikal

    When did you know?

    struggling for some spiritual home my grandmother spoke of the family Druidic history which lapsed when she married a Christian, i researched and after speaking to great aunts realized there was a path for males too.
  5. Mikal

    What would you like to see on this page ?

    mutual support perhaps, shared legends, personal journeys, helps and recommendations?
  6. Mikal

    Inclusivity and The Cauldron

    BE, Be WITH others, Be with others IN the world, or just BE mindful of them. Peace and rustling leaves
  7. Mikal

    Where in the world do you live?

    Pembrokeshire West Wales
  8. Mikal

    Where are our Cauldronites at?

    Mikal of West Wales, wiccan and druidic roots, Tree warden by social action, Water led i live in a nation that every border local and national follow waterlines. friend of the Groves, counsellor and dispeller. Supporter of the isolated.