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    wildwoman archetype

    I read a lot about the Morrigan, but was more taken with both of her sisters, they seem richer to me.
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    What was the very first book you owned pertaining to your path?

    The Golden Bough, I was sucked in by it and still am today.
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    Are the Tarot cards and the Nordic, Germanic and old English runes almost the same thing. Do you think they came from the same system or not ?

    I think Runes went the other way, from the EU area, to all the other places via the trade. the dates for the runes are a bit out as Runes are inscribed on stones in Sweden that pre date AD150 by 600 years or so. the Tarot from Italy like almost all the others has a Pope, and Is a Christian...
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    Are the Tarot cards and the Nordic, Germanic and old English runes almost the same thing. Do you think they came from the same system or not ?

    My thinking is that that, the people that created them come from the same area, and had almost the same religions. one was used much the same as the other, this points to an early alphabet and concept of teaching.
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    The Magical Practice Of Singing

    In the druid world singing is a big part of worship. You will find music/tunes that that set you off in a daydream, it is when you add to this music a spell. This is when casting a tune comes in to it's own. depending on how much you put into it, it can be very powerful. But be careful what...
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    Suggestion about asking for magical help/insights

    Sorry, just got the gist of it before my fingers kicked in. It's just that people forget often that everything matters, if not to one person then it does to another.
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    Natural or manmade substances?

    All things are natural, in as much that nothing that is made can be made from anything that does not come from the earth. It all starts here and ends here. even if a thing is brand new, the chemical that make it up, have been around for as long as the earth has. the only things on the earth...
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    Astral projection

    Some dreams let you project out of your body, I f you able to take control of the dream, you may miss out on what it is that you are being taught. The natural way is best for this. Remember the other worlds are just as deadly as this one, you need a guide to get around and to tell you the...
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    Suggestion about asking for magical help/insights

    This is true, but if you cast a spell for such things as love, you may be lucky. Later when you are all loved up, will you trust that the love that is yours, love, or the result of a spell. Will the love the other party feels be the same. With love that is the result of a spell, would you be...
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    I like all seasons, Summers make me feel rested, Fall makes me feel more alive, Winter mindful...

    I like all seasons, Summers make me feel rested, Fall makes me feel more alive, Winter mindful, Spring ready for life works.
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    Am I a Witch ?

    Very good words.
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    feeling isolated

    You will get a buddy soon, just hang on for a while.
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    I am grateful that I woke up this morning, I am getting to that age that I may not.
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    How to cope with life problems

    I don't get much in the way of triggers, as my life is a bit full of real life. I have COPD, so my life will be made shorter by a few years, I also have type 2, and ADD. My wife ( a natural witch.) has MS and is as disabled as you can be. She has no choice but to stay in bed or lay prone all...
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    Take your time, be well.

    Take your time, be well.
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    Handmade tools vs Store bought tools.

    I make most of my own, they do seem to work better. I also make some for others, who ask or cannot make tool for themselves, do this for free, as friendship is payment enough for me.
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    Buying stones online? Thoughts, experiences, pros & cons?

    I have never bought a stone, and I have hundreds. All stone are a part of creation, all stones a special, all stone are free, and will stay with you for as long as the feel you need them. Just look around, and they will jump out at you, on a path, on a road, in a field or park. they are...
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    Apologies. Xo

    This is a druid trick, After a dream, when you first are aware you are awake. Sit up, but keep your eyes closed. now, you can go back into your dream with your awake feelings and ask questions. It can be very informative, Oh and try not to nod off.
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    Thankful to meet so many interesting people and hope for a better world.

    The thing is, the world needs fixing and it is all of us that are going to have to do it. Our magick will fix the world, but we have to get a move on, as it is running out of time. So let us make a weave, or a spell, burn a candle, raise some power, get other worldly help, to start to make a...
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    Many people will have heard of Ray Buckland, who wrote the big blue book. He has also written a wonderful book called; 'Practical Candleburning Rituals'. It's very good. Ray Buckland or as he is known in in England Uncle Bob.