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    Welll im very thankful for the rain we have recieved over the last 24 hrs. I live in tasmania and we are having a lower than usual amount of rain for winter . I love winter and today has been a real winter day ,much gratitude to the weather goddess.
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    Am I a Witch ?

    Beautiful wise and encourageing words . Non judgemental and practical, you are indeed a good wise and thoughtful person . Thank you .👍💘
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    Buying stones online? Thoughts, experiences, pros & cons?

    Yes i find the same thing as well, i maybe walking on the beach and see a shell just like the last 10 thousand I've walked past ,but it catches my eye , and piques my attention and there i am picking it up. Even digging in the garden has offered me quite a few beauties.
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    Thankful to meet so many interesting people and hope for a better world.

    I totally agree with you , we are on a rapidly spiralling downward slope. Greed is the unfortunate drug of choice for so many , but i believe the "couldn't careless " culture is just as dangerous,. And isnt it ironic that since this page was started how it has become a gateway for buisness to...
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    Yep I've got them to, very annoying.

    Yep I've got them to, very annoying.
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    Go into the garden , just sit, just be ,just look ,listen , and breath.

    Go into the garden , just sit, just be ,just look ,listen , and breath.
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    Spiritual or magical or both?

    Yes definitely both, but the spirituality makes me feel the magic. Cant expain it any other way, they are just hand in hand an connected for me.
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    Solitary kitchen witch/green witch

    Hi hebe, im a out of the greenhouse semi solitary (my dog "Red" and husband of over 40 yrs) 60 yr old , and are very happy to be here too.best wishes to all
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    What age did you come to the craft?

    Yes maybe a spirit guide or maybe just a protective spirit. The week after the op i had terrible insomnia (a side effect of the pain SUPPOSEDLY killers ) but during the long nights and days that i was in bed flat on my back, i had the sensation of someone over my left shoulder , i still do...
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    What age did you come to the craft?

    Hard to say really, my mum always talked about luck, bad luck , thing to protect you , special times of the year , how to not fear the dead ,but be cautious of the living , believing in your intuition. So i guess always , in my 30s/40s i started looking deeper for myself, but last yr (im 60 )...
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    What is your go to crystal?

    I love amethyst and black tourmaline . I have a variety of various crystals that i felt drawn to on my altar, my 7 yr old grandaughter always spends a while rearranging them when she visits, i dont mind , and she always has a very good ,if not different view as to why they need to be moved .
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    Information on The New To The Path

    Exactly what i needed to read. I have no idea whats going on in my life just recently, but something has shifted , and now i need to get it sorted. I've alway felt "different" not quite the same as others , but now i feel that i have a journey to go on , and need to find the gate to enter...
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    Love your philosophy.
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    Where in the world do you live

    I was born in the UK , but now live in Tasmania , the Island just at the bottom of Australia,
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    What would you like to see on this page ?

    Anything ,really anything, im like a sponge just want to know everything !
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    Hi all , love from Tasmania

    Hi all , love from Tasmania