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    I have just finished a book called Helsong. I found it to be brilliant. If you want to find out more about runes and chanting. It takes the reader into the basics of Runic chanting and magic, It gives a very good insight into the northern GODS and what that means, it is very good. I just...
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    Are the Tarot cards and the Nordic, Germanic and old English runes almost the same thing. Do you think they came from the same system or not ?

    My thinking is that that, the people that created them come from the same area, and had almost the same religions. one was used much the same as the other, this points to an early alphabet and concept of teaching.
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    Looking for Science in craftwork.

    I am of the opinion that all magic, all religion, all abilities of the mind and magic, can now be explained by science. Because of this none of us are limited to what can or can't be done in magic. All faith is real, once you have a faith in anything you have made it real. It is hard for me...