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    Got Bugs? Tell us here...

    Same here ...how do we make them go poof!!!
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    Magic and Nature

    "...sang in gratitude....
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    Magic and Nature

    Definitely real and big part of my will...the stronger I feel about something the quicker it manifests...one of my biggest écoles was I was driving in heavy traffic, saw a squirrel cross over in opposite traffic with what seemed countless cars driving fast ...I yelled with all my passion and...
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    Repeating Number Patterns

    You can also go by what is going on in your life right now...numbers talk to you or rather Universe/you 😀 is talking to you through numbers ...so 12 could be viewed for example as 12 pisces theme, ending of one phase transition to next; spirituality all that 12 means to you ...34 you could add...
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    What age did you come to the craft?

    Definitely a spirit who loves you dearly, how very special Yvonne!
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    Thread Suggestions

    Thread for our non human Earthling friends Our familiars ..we can share stories about our pets and encounters with the wild ones, example birds as our messengers in flight in times of need
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    What age did you come to the craft?

    Yvonne, you made me chuckle ...but I do hope your back is healing well firstly 🤗....what do you mean you feel a presence around you now after surgery?! Like a spirit guide?
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    Inclusivity and The Cauldron

    Feels cozy in here, thank you all for this forum :love:
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    Where in the world do you live?

    Ontario, Canada :D
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    Where in the world do you live

    Ontario, Canada:D
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    Introduce yourself!

    Hello!! thank you for welcoming me here.... solitary in the craft, feel most at home with mother nature her animals and birds, grey skies rain and thunder storms. I study astrology as well .... I love meeting new like minded others and looking forward to making new friends!