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    Grey witch thoughts?

    I personally find titles sometimes limiting. For the longest time I would not refer to myself as a witch, because I was into energy very heavily and I hadn't met another person like me. But I think if it helps you process your path, in a way that guides you to the work you can do..... After...
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    Introduce yourself!

    Oh found an answer here :) I haven't read this one but I have heard it is amazing (I've been practicing for a long time so a lot of my knowledge has been from mentors/other witches) The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More by Arin...
  3. TheLastChanceCrone

    New to the craft

    Hi Welcome and blessed Be. To help me help you, what are you drawn towards; nature, cooking, energies, ...let me know so I can suggest some good starting places. I'm eclectic/solitary witch. I'm also a pagan, technomage and medium. I specialize in energy, specifically water (storms are my...
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    Conversation Starter: What holidays do you observe and why?

    All the pagan holidays International Cats Day 08/08 -- National Cat Day 10/29 Donut Day -06/03 and the First Friday in November :) 7-11 Slurpee Day 07/11 Icecream Month 07 and Day 07/17 Plushies Day (we have a tea party picnic) 10/28 And what ever strikes my fancy from -...
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    What was the very first book you owned pertaining to your path?

    Honestly I don't recall but I have a eclectic collection of books, everything from Candle magick to Kabbalah and Angelic script. My favorite though is my Victorian Grimoire. It has all kinds of very cute ideas and green/kitchen witch focus.
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    Solitary witch.

    Solitary (And a few other types) from Cleveland Heights Ohio.
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    Introduce yourself! Xo

    I thought I had already done an introduction of myself here. Eclectic/Solitary/Green/Kitchen/Crafty/Techno Witch. I love to create, be it growing my own food and herbs, cooking/baking, bead, paper, mixed media craft, to my digital/techno creations. I tend to hang out with myself even before...
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    Post Holiday Relief Recipes Anyone

    I do cleansing and purging. It helps me keep my anxiety less. I also tend to listen to music that is set to specific frequencies.
  9. TheLastChanceCrone

    Spells books or shadow book

    I created my own. I find that I can personalize my spells/rituals and such and as an artist I love crafting and adding different objects to my book.
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    I love the feral witch part btw... Welcome

    I love the feral witch part btw... Welcome
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    Welcome - 62 year old - solitary, eclectic, hedge, kitchen, green, sorta just a witch witch :)...

    Welcome - 62 year old - solitary, eclectic, hedge, kitchen, green, sorta just a witch witch :) who really is a crazy cat woman
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    Holiday Food Plans: Samhain

    decorated cookies!
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    I should take a better picture of her now that I have her altar set up.