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An ol' soul here to live, love, laugh and learn. About the pseudonym, you probably know that "Selene" is the moon and "du Ciel" means "of the sky."

My self-description is an eclectic academic, eccentric pagan witch, muse, aura, empath, hippie peace freak, zen mother, agnostic-atheist Unitarian Universalist of CUUPS, student of Hermetic Qubalhism, a tree-huggin' Wiccan-read feminist, Buddhist/Taoist in philosophy, humanist/animist, socialist for human rights, sage, beloved daughter, oracle, young widow, life-long friend, devoted sister, interfaith chaplain, psychic, teacher, mensa, child of the universe, follower of the archeo-astrological Sabbats, lifelong student of updating archeological and historical findings in paganism, who believes the world is my country and everything is magic. Live and love Mother Earth -- all nature and sentient beings. Peace is the answer, love is the way.

I studied Shamanism under Michael Harner when attending THE NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH, as well as other subjects in history, sociology, and anthropology under the most noted professors of that time. My doctoral work is in Anthropology (Comparative World Religions and Mythology); Master's work in History, Sociology, and Business; with undergraduate degrees in Women's Studies and Communications (Philosophical Linguistics). My thesis was on "The Use of Gossip in Second and Third World Nations." Education has been and will always my lifelong love. So much to learn and so little time.

Blessings have been showered on me, because I came from a desperately poor and extremely violent family per US standards in the '60s and '70s when child abuse was legal and grew up to be a strident activist in making domestic violence illegal with Bonnie Mauer who established the first national domestic violence hotline. I've been making peace with all of my past -- the good, the bad, and the ugly -- embracing it all with love -- caressing my scars because my life has been excitingly wonderful. My past made me who I am and I am my father's daughter. A warrior for social justice. All I wish for is peace in all of our lives and believe magic is the root of science. With gratitude, blessed be. Peace be unto you & yours.

☽O☾ ༺☽ :: Blessed Be Sister and Brothers :: ☾༻ ☽O☾



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