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    Samhain chant. 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

    Samhain Prayer Another year's upon us As the wheel has turned again We invite the ancestors one by one To join us at our meal We raise our cups in honor And share memories with zeal We share a harvest's bounty And know deep in our hearts The past must be cleansed away For the future...
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    Samhain blessings [ATTACH]

    Samhain blessings
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    Sleepy witch

    Sleepy witch
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    Never give up no matter what

    Never give up no matter what
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    Casting spells.

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    Witchy woman

    She opened her eyes and stretched her arms and steps sleepily out of her bed. Walking over to the window looking out at the sun planing her day ahead. A crow flew past and a fox runs fast She smiles with a happy heart She sits at her table gently sipping her tea Wondering to herself what...
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    Hedge Witch Poem

    She walks the Forrest with her animal kin, Taking in nature taking energy in, Walking through all the beautiful trees, Watching the wind rustling leaves, Always aware of things hidden from view, Spirits that whisper messages from you, Gathering herbs to mix into her brew, With potions which...
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    Rise up

    The Goddess will break you down to nothing,she will tear you apart. Yes it’s painful and traumatic but she will reform you, mould you into the person you were meant to be before life got in the way. She will use all your hurt and turn it into something beautiful. Do not fear this process for a...
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    What are your plans for Samhain

    I am doing a ritual I’m my garden
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    Witchy stuff

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    Protection got pets

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    October tomorrow whoop whoop

    October tomorrow whoop whoop
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    Harvest moon blessings witches

    Harvest moon blessings witches