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    That depends on what you are into, give us a clue.
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    Hospital ghosts

    No, just let them alone. Hospitals are one of those places that a lot of people end up passing away, they have a way of collecting the energy, collectively they will give a feeling of loss, and sadness that will linger for years.
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    Hail and well met.

    Hail and well met.
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    All about Beltane

    I like to make a summer pudding at Beltane, it just seems to fit. tastes great as well.
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    I have just finished a book called Helsong. I found it to be brilliant. If you want to find out more about runes and chanting. It takes the reader into the basics of Runic chanting and magic, It gives a very good insight into the northern GODS and what that means, it is very good. I just...
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    Need help seeing spirits with the naked eye

    All natural things, work in natural ways. If you lose one ability your body will make up for it with other senses, but there are limits to this. If you are blinded for a while, you may get better hearing for a while, but you can't force it, as your body may want you to have a better sense of...
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    What are your plans for Samhain

    Starting a three day Rune spell.
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    Welcome on the skylark.

    Welcome on the skylark.
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    Why are you lost.

    Why are you lost.
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    Help needed

    Algiz, one of three runes used for casting protection spells. It is the rune that is used most often and chanting this rune whilst standing in its shape will give you strength, a good way to do this is when the sun and moon are both out, trust me you don't need to do this to often, its powerful...
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    Energy healer recommendations

    The people at the Spiritist churches are very good at this sort of thing, Just look one up in your area and give them a call. I get on with a few, they are very good.
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    Are the Tarot cards and the Nordic, Germanic and old English runes almost the same thing. Do you think they came from the same system or not ?

    Very true, but that was due to the printing press becoming popular. Before the 1400's they were drawn, partial sets have been found in North Africa with other meanings for the pope card being a gate keeper to the other world, making it very pre-christian in it's inception. A few have been...
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    Tips for learning tarot.

    It sounds to me that you are very much doing OK. You will find a load of books telling this and that, but very view are up to much. What I found helpful was to buy a French set called The grand Ettella. each card has a written word of meaning for each card at the top and inverted, it is...
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    Help needed

    Sorry, I forgot to mention, you will find a lot of books that were sold along with a set of runes, before you set off and buy one, please research the author, as some are a lot of old rubbish. ou will find lots of information on Runes, but remember that if you count the indo-europian one...
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    Help needed

    You will find lots of rune books, and few will give you what you are looking for. One book Is, however, very good: A Practical guide to Runes, ISBN 1-84067-299-4. I have this book, one of many, but it has within it's very well written pages, much that you seem to be looking for. Another...