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  1. H LM Malone

    Buying stones online? Thoughts, experiences, pros & cons?

    Hello all - I need some thoughts & advice on purchasing stones online. I usually purchase stones in person, I pick through what I need and select ones that jump out at me - ones I can feel and vibe with. I am in a position now where the shops I usually go are highly inconvenient, and the few I...
  2. H LM Malone

    Looking for Science in craftwork.

    In my opinion, they are both seeking the same outcome : truth, knowledge, understanding, finding our place in the universe - One simply takes a physical approach, and one takes a metaphysical approach - but the goal is inherently the same. That's not to say that humanity hasn't used either, or...
  3. H LM Malone

    Got Bugs? Tell us here...

    I am seeing the same thing - all the ad slots display as the pic shows below
  4. H LM Malone

    Herbs, herbs, herbs!

    It depends on your path and your specific workings - and also just a matter of preference / availability. I've heard some people completely dismiss dry herbs, they have to be 100% fresh or else it won't work --- but I, personally, don't believe that. I think they all work, no matter what - it...
  5. H LM Malone

    Looking for Science in craftwork.

    I don't know if everything can be explained by science...yet, but you are certainly not alone in feeling this way. I am a firm believer that science & religion are two sides of the same coin and go hand in hand - You cannot have one without the other. Otherwise, you are just getting half the...
  6. H LM Malone

    Let's talk about altars!

    I have a stag skull cap that -must- be there. I am waiting for the crows & owls to gift me some items....when that finally happens, they will absolutely be must haves.
  7. H LM Malone

    What is your go to crystal?

    Smoky quartz, labradorite, tigers eye & moldavite......though the moldavite craze has made me put mine on the back burner for a while as they've just made me want to eyeroll at it everytime I see it now. *sigh* ....it's too bad, too, it's not the moldavites fault....but I just need some space...
  8. H LM Malone

    Art and Magic

    I am a fantasy artist, and work with illustration & conceptual art....so it is really easy for me to work in tons of stuff 😅 I'll work in sigils, runes, ogham or written spells all the time - other times it's illustrations of rituals, practices, rites, or ancestors & deities I work with.
  9. H LM Malone

    Where are our Cauldronites at?

    I knew a guy that did prop work for walking dead, and they filmed parts of Stranger Things on my street when we lived in Decatur. And they are *always* filming something at Agnes Scott.... Decatur streets are tiny. Running into a filming zone is NOT fun. When I have to show ID to get out of my...
  10. H LM Malone

    When you write spells……

    If I'm writing not ~just~ for workings, but for aethetics also (maybe it's a special public setting, or a holiday ceremony where a lil more razzle dazzle is nice ) then I rhyme. For just my personal workings, I just go with clear intentions
  11. H LM Malone

    When did you know?

    I come from a blended christian/pagan family - so it was always there, in a sense, but I was raised by mainly my mom & gramma - who was the very christian side of the family. My fathers side was the very pagan side. Though, my mom was always the black sheep so she went against the grain, was...
  12. H LM Malone

    Where are our Cauldronites at?

    I am technically in Stone Mountain, GA - but Atlanta. Because just about everything in the vicinity is Atlanta, as the metropolis spans far beyond the actual city limits. And many cities that are now "suburbs" were once upon a time just boroughs of the city making the matter far more confusing...
  13. H LM Malone


    Hello all - was a lurker for a few years in the FB groups, but thanks to the pandemic was finally given some time to jump in and start interacting and really get to know people better, though I knew *of* a lot of you for longer thanks to reading all your posts. I'm glad I finally got the time to...