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    ebodnar05 replied to the thread Speaking up.
    The same thing is happening to mine
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    ebodnar05 posted the thread Speaking up in Spell for That.
    Spell or advice for speaking up for what I believe in. I’ve always been nervous of confrontation and tension. I have an inner childhood...
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    ebodnar05 reacted to LiathGallese's post in the thread Artemis? with Like Like.
    Hi, welcome! I hope you are finding this place to be as welcoming as I have. Artemis, called Dianna by the Romans, is the lady of the...
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    ebodnar05 posted the thread Artemis? in The Coven.
    Hi everyone, I am new here. My name is Eva. I have been getting many signs from Artemis recently. The main one that pokes out is last...